Get Progress Mentoring

Confused?  Feeling unsupported or isolated in your study?  Struggling to make the progress you need?

Maybe you’ve been wishing for an academic fairy who can sit alongside you and help you with the next step, and the one after that so that you can move towards submission … and getting your life back?

Then you’re in the right place!  Read on >>>

  • Regular, responsive support from an experienced supervisor
  • Get your writing reviewed in a friendly, approachable way
  • Find the light at the end of the tunnel

Hi, I’m Gina!

After more than 20 years working in Higher Education, doing my own PhD, supervising thousands of undergraduates, hundreds of Masters students and being on the teams of dozens of doctoral students (I am the Leader of the Professional Doctorate programme in the university I work part-time at), I’ve seen the challenges students face.

Whilst the work is hard, I strongly believe that the process of doing a doctorate does not have to be as hard as it is made to be. 

I don’t think we should be ‘breaking’ people as they do their doctorate.

I believe in building people up through supportive challenge and encouragement. 

That is why I’m here – to support and challenge you to get the best possible outcome from your doctoral study. And there isn’t a better time than NOW to make progress with it!

Introducing… Get Progress! Mentoring

I’ve created this package to give you a huge boost


In 6 months, we can get to know each other well, build productive routines and create a strong progress path for you.  

You will have clarity FROM DAY ONE on what your next step is and where you are going with your doctorate

Six months is normally long enough to move people who are in the write-up stage (data collected) from “???????” to being ready to submit, but we can extend the package if necessary at the end of our time (at additional cost).

Here’s what’s included:

Opening Review of your Progress so far

Real, eyes-open honesty is needed here!  But you’ll be glad you’ve taken this step, and it will get us started the right way.

Planning-Going-Forward sessions

Regular planning reviews as part of our calls, so you always know exactly what you are working on.

Bi-weekly 1:1 call with Gina

We meet once every two weeks on a video call.  This gap works well to keep you on track, but ensure accountabilty and counteract isolation. It gives you enough time to work on the next step between calls so you have something to ‘report’ each time we meet. 

Reviews of your work

As we work together, you will be writing lots – parts of chapters, papers, reviews, whatever you are working on.  I’ll review them and give you my feedback and we can discuss them in our calls.  I’m not your supervisor, and their feedback is ultimately what matters, but when you present them with more fully worked-up and polished drafts, they’ll bve very happy with you. 

Voxer access between calls

I use Voxer, which is a walkie-talkie style app where you can leave voice or text messages for me to respond to, between our calls.   You will never be left on your own with your challenges – effectively, Voxer access gives you me ‘in your pocket’ at times that suit us both [fair use limits apply – we both have lives!].  Whenever you have a quick question that can’t wait until the next call, or you want to talk something out, vox me.  It’s suprisingly effective and efficient.

Invitation to the Doctoral Success Circle

The community for doctoral students.  Each week we have multiple opportunities to meet up – for CoWorking, training and catch-ups.  The Circle creates the community so many doctoral candidates feel they are missing (membership is also available separately). 


The support is invaluable … it keeps me making small steps towards the completion of my thesis.


A few months ago I was seriously considering quitting my PhD! The amount of work remaining felt too overwhelming and unachievable (plus working full-time and a family). I joined the Doctorate Success Circle at the beginning of June and attended almost all of the co-working sessions. This enabled me to complete my self-imposed goal of initial coding for all 30 of my interview participants…

Dawn - part 1

… I have not felt progress like this in months and I really feel as though I can do this! As well as providing a safe space to work with others in similar situations, Gina is also extremely good at helping you to break down any barriers that you might be facing. I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s burning bright!!!

Dawn - part 2

“Working with Gina is easy and fun as she is encouraging but realistic.  It is a secret superpower to have Gina on your side.”

IK, Doctoral Student

Get Progress! Mentoring will support you to achieve your completed thesis.  

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£1500 or a split pay of 4x £375

You’ve got Q’s; I’ve got A’s!

Will you replace my supervisor?

Gosh no!  NO! My mentoring will support you as you work to complete your doctorate in accordance with the guidance your supervisors give you.  It will give you the suport and regular guidance on actually doing the work that you are probably missing right now.

Do you understand my topic / question / study?

As you’re asking, my background is in the social sciences:  business and human resource management to be exact.  But over the last 20+ years, I’ve come across many studies, talked to very many people about their studies, studied lots myself and learned about supporting people.

Your topic is your responsibility.  Am I a hard scientist?  No.  But the outcomes of doctoral studies are remarkably similar, no matter what the topic.  And I can ask the questions to help you get unstuck, regardless of your topic.

So yes, I understand your topic / question / study!

Can I just talk to you first? This is a big decision.

YES! Yes, please do!  

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen. There’s a chat icon there.  Say hi – if I’m online we can chat there and then, or arrange a video call to talk in more detail.  If I’m not online, pop your details in the form and I’ll get back to you by email as soon as I can.

I need to ask a different question

Then drop me an email at or click on the messaging box at the bottom right of this screen.  I’ll happily answer if I can!

Get Progress! Mentoring will help you achieve your doctoral dreams!

The button below will take you to the registration page – you’ll be inside in just a couple of minutes!

£1500 or a split pay of 4x £375