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Managing Your Doctoral Supervisor

Stop Struggling With Supervisor Relationships – Let Me Show You How!

Change Your Supervisor Relationship with My Guide to Managing your Team, and Get Your Thesis Handed In Sooner!

As a supervisor, I’ve found the best students are those who know how to work well with me. I remember when I was a student and how my relationships with my supervisors could have been easier. I want more for you, so I’ve created Managing Your Supervisor: A Guide.

This free guide distils my years of supervision experience into an easy resource for any doctoral student looking to create a successful and positive working relationship with their study team. By taking the time to read and understand the information provided, you can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges associated with doctoral studies and achieve your academic goals.

Seven Top Tips to Finish Your Doctorate

Are you writing up your doctoral thesis*?

(*or dissertation, if that’s what you call it where you are)

Books and papers abound, conferences and classes are aplenty – but simple, straightforward and actionable advice on how to make your thesis stand out for the RIGHT reasons?

Yeah, that’s where I come in 😉

No matter what discipline you are in, the methodology you’re using or whether you’re a hard scientist or a soft [whatever you want to put in here 😊 ], there are some parts of a thesis which are non-negotiable.

Pop your details in below to grab a quick and easy guide to SEVEN Must-Have Things to put in your thesis.  

Get these right, and you’ll be well on your way to finishing.

Get them wrong … well, amendments could take a lot longer 😨

Paraphrasing Guide

Are you struggling to write your literature review? 

Academic writing trips most of us up at some point.  

But there are tools and techniques which make it easier and much more effective.

Effective paraphrasing allows you to use your sources to demonstrate your understanding of what you have read, and to integrate multiple sources into one paragraph easily.  Done well, it shows that you know about your topic area and elevates your academic writing style. 

Start by downloading this straightforward guide to paraphrasing to give you more ways to discuss your sources.

** BONUS**  Once you have worked through this guide, send me your answers to the exercises, and I’ll give you some personal feedback!