Work with Gina

Let me explain …

On this page, you’ll find information about each of the services I offer.  All of them are designed specifically for you – the doctoral candidate who is juggling all the things and struggling with direction, confidence and making progress.

When you work with me to move your thesis forward, there’s no fluff; no clever words and no manipulation of any sort.  I’m a no-nonsense type who values honesty, integrity and straightforward thinking.  If that resonates with you, I think we’ll get on!

I use a few different approaches to my products:

  • Downloads – you’ll get immediate access to the product.  Normally, this is a pdf document with a video explanation of the area and implementation suggestions.  The video will have a podcast option too, so you can listen as you get on with life, if you prefer.  
  • Live training – these are a more in-depth exploration of a topic, giving you lots of practical information, showing you how to implement a skill or explaining concepts.  Sometimes, I’ll run these live and invite you to join me, others you’ll have access to a recording of the training.
  • VIP – work with me 1:1 to dig really deep into the issues that are causing you pain.  You’ll get time and space to explore the issues which are preventing you progressing with your thesis in the way you’d like to.  We will work together to identify the challenges and put solutions in place so you can move forward. Whether that’s getting more clarity on your questions and methods, implementing systems to manage your study more easily or tackling mindset issues, I can help you.

What are you waiting for?  Dig in and have some fun!

1:1 Options

Sometimes you need someone in the trenches with you to help you see the way out.  These are the ways you can work with me 1:1.

Contact me (details above!) to set these up.

Clarity Session

Is something in your study tripping you up?  Need some help with a thorny question? Would a focused conversation with someone who understands the issues, and has solutions to offer, help?

We’ll meet for approximately 45 minutes to identify the source of the problem and find ways for you to move forward.

Focused, clear, simple steps.  The Dr Gina way!

Ongoing Mentoring

Your secret supercharge awaits!

We meet twice per month for 30 minutes to check in on your progress, discuss the things that you’re struggling with and celebrate your wins.

You’ll be supported as you deal with the ups and downs of the doctoral journey.

Our regular time will keep you focused and accountable.  You can use it to deal with the things that are important to you – we might talk about methods, or mindset, or relationships.  If it’s happening in your world and you want some support with it, it’s fair game.

My current mentees say this support is game-changing as they build progress on progress and have a clear path toward their goals.

Book a chat with me to see if it’s a fit for you.


The CoWork Sessions

It can be a lonely journey, especially if you are juggling life, work, other things and part-time study where you aren’t part of a cohort.  

The CoWork Sessions are designed to create the sense of community that you may not find elsewhere – friendship, support and common challenges with a bit of guidance thrown in for good measure.

CoWork Sessions

Two-hour work sessions which are organised several times per week.

Block the time out in your diary (as a meeting if needs be!) and use the session to push your thesis forward each time.  We have structured breaks and little check-ins to make sure you’re ok.

These add structure to your week, let you develop and maintain momentum with your study and provide companionship for your journey.

It’s a month to month commitment, so no long-term tie-in but it is a really useful habit to build.

Find out more here

Live Training

Short, effective training on the-things-they-don’t-tell-you at grad school.  These are the inside track – delivered on video, with supporting worksheets to help you implement useful techniques quickly.

More coming soon.


Easy to digest courses to help you move your doctoral thesis forward, or on skills that will support your sanity as you make progress.

From Stressed to Submitted

This brand-new course teaches you an innovative method to use what works in your field to create clarity for your own thesis in 4 simple steps. Simplify your trajectory so that you can quickly move forward towards completion with no frustration.

From Stressed to Submitted will help you to:

– Understand the structure of a good thesis in your field

– Use other people’s success to springboard your progress

– Build your confidence by making a clear plan

– Nail your next steps with easy-to-implement strategies

– Identify your own clear and straightforward roadmap to completion

Give me that clarity! I want it!


Quick access to easy to follow guides and explanations.   Items in this this section are either free to download or priced below £27.

Managing Your Supervisor

Your guide to getting that most tricky of relationships onto an even and positive ground.  Written to make life easier for both of you, take these ideas and use them as a basis for a ‘how we can work together’ conversation.

Free download here.

Paraphrasing: A Guide for Doctoral Students

Are you struggling to write your literature review? 

Academic writing trips most of us up at some point.  

But there are tools and techniques which make it easier and much more effective.

Let me guide you through them, and make your life less stressful.

Start by downloading this guide to paraphrasing to give you more ways to discuss your sources

Free Download here